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Drain & Sewer Repair

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains can be a real inconvenient and in some cases lead to expensive water and sewer damage throughout your home. But Sunrise Service is here to help. What ever the cause of your blockage Sunrise Service plumbers have the know how, experience, and the equipment to get you flowing again.

What makes Sunrise Service better than the rest

  • Sunrise Service plumbing has the right equipment. Our top of the line sewer cables are superior. We don't use home owner grade equipment to clear your lines. We use the best available commercially tested equipment to give your pipes the best cleaning possible. No broken cables here, all of our cables have manufactures heads on them to clear every type of blockage.
  • Sunrise Service plumbing technicians are regularly trained in proper equipment use making our machines perform at there best. After all, what good are the best machines if you don't know how to use them?
  • Sunrise Service plumbers understand that drain and sewer lines can be messy. Our equipment is designed to contain and limit the potential mess caused from cleaning your drains. Our plumbers will always do there best to clean up after themselves.
  • Sunrise Service plumbers also have access to to state of the art video inspection equipment and hydro-scrubbing / jetting machines.
  • Fair and upfront pricing. No gimmicks or pushy salespeople.

Causes of clogs

Most drain clogs are caused by debris in the sewer line.  Especially toilet paper, food waist, hair and hygiene products have an uncanny ability to get caught on imperfections in the sewer system.  Then over time more paper and other debris start to accumulate in the same area creating a full pipe blockage.  These blockages typically occur in the traps below the sink or in the toilet.  Sometimes just cleaning the trap will eliminate your clog. Other times with the right cable selection simple debris clogs are easily taken care of.

Tree Roots
Because of the dry climate in our Vegas Valley we tend not to water trees as much as the trees would like.  And for some reason we tend to plant trees directly on top of the sewer line.  This alone would not be a cause for concern but as the tree's root system is looking for more water, if your sewer line has any kind of leak on it the tree root will be able to slowly grow into the sewer pipes.  In some cases depending on the type of tree and sewer location the roots could crush the pipe completely. typically, however they just grow in through a bad joint in the pipe.  Once into the sewer system they tend to thrive on their new found nutrients.  As the root inside the pipe grows it becomes increasingly easier for paper and debris to get caught on the roots and create a blockage.  Unfortunately once you have roots in your sewer system your drain pipes will be impaired until properly repaired. Our sewer snakes and heads can cut and get rid of most of the root in most cases but the piping system will still have holes in it and roots will easily be able to grow back in.  It is highly recommended to have a video inspection performed to be able to determine the severity of the issue and to be able to determine the best options for a permanent drain repair or pipe patch.

Soap and Mineral Buildup
Las Vegas water quality, North Las Vegas water quality, and Henderson water quality is some of the worst drinking water in the nation.  Due to our extremely hard and chemically enriched water our drain lines are much more susceptible to soap and mineral buildups.

Without proper water treatment of the home there is little that can be done to avoid the excessive build up in our sewer pipes.  Just like you get water spots and soap scum on an uncleaned shower the insides of our pipes get coated with them. Over time without cleaning them our pipes become more and more corroded until we end up with a grease like clog in our sewer pipes. When you have a clog from mineral build up a sewer cable may only get you partially flowing again.  This is when a hydro-scrub may be required to clear your drains, sometimes referred to as a jetter or jetting machine cleaning.

This process uses water at a high pressure and flow rate to blast through the grease and flush it out of the home's sewer lines.  Hydro-scrubbing is much more effective and safer on you plumbing system than even the best sewer cables. A home water conditioning system can assist in preventing these back-ups and can also slowly reverse the effects of the soap and mineral deposit buildup in the drain line.