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We provide HVAC contracting for residential new home construction at Sunrise Mechanical.

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Air Duct Cleaning

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Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are like the arteries of your home. Over time they can fill with dust, lint, debris, and even pests. This can lead to your HVAC or laundry systems not running efficiently, energy bills increasing, or even fire and health hazards in extreme cases.

Professional duct cleaning gives you confidence that your home and family are in good condition. It can also save you hundreds of dollars over long-term energy bills and extend the lifespan of your HVAC or laundry equipment.

When is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Air Ducts

5-20 years as needed (recommended by EPA)

Signs of Dirty Air Ducts

  • Uncomfortable rooms or poor temperature
  • Energy bill going up.
  • Air conditioning and/or furnace not blowing as
    much air as before, or running less efficiently.
  • Dirty vents or returns.
  • Strange or musty smells from vents
  • Signs of mold inside ducts.
  • Signs of insects or animals living in/around
  • Air ducts near floor level where more dust
  • Have had dogs/cats in the home for a long
  • Family members getting sick, experiencing
    allergies or trouble breathing more frequently
    than before.
  • Ducts have never been cleaned.
  • Recent remodeling, fire, or flooding.
Dryer Ducts

1-2 Years As Needed

Signs of Dirty Dryer Ducts

  • Dryer machine not drying even on hot settings.
  • Clothes are extremely hot after drying.
  • Burning smell during drying.
  • Visible lint around the vent area.
  • Increased humidity in the laundry room.
  • No cleaning in 1-2 years.

What does my Free Evaluation include?

Conditions vary between homes and lifestyles. That’s why we offer a free, no-commitment inspection to evaluate your home’s unique needs. Evaluations take about 30 minutes. Our professional technician will:

(for air ducts)
  • Ask you about your home’s history, family
    lifestyle, and any symptoms you’ve noticed (see above)
  • Remove and check the condition of vent
    covers, return registers, and filters
  • Check inside of ducts using a flashlight for
    excess dust, signs of mold/pests, etc.
  • Access the attic to check for external wear,
    rips, or condensation
  • Present you with pictures of his findings
  • Review his findings with you and discuss how
    you want to proceed
(for dryer ducts)
  • Access the dryer duct by unfastening the
    dryer’s flexible ducting
  • Inspect the duct and flexible ducting for excess
    lint and moisture.
  • Inspect the output end of the duct (often on
    the roof) if necessary
  • Review his findings with you and discuss how
    you want to proceed

What does my Duct Cleaning include?

Air duct cleaning | 3-6 hours
  • Protection of your home with drop cloths,
    furniture covers, and shoe covers.
  • Removing and cleaning all the air vents and intake registers (or recommend replacement if in poor condition).
  • Deep duct inspection with snake camera.
  • Remove dust and debris with a special vacuum unit and brushes.*
  • Optional sanitizing fog.
  • Optional filter replacement.
  • Before/after pictures.
  • Clean up.

*Please note that the A/C must be turned off for
the vacuum portion of the cleaning. We will bring
portable fans to help maintain your home cool
during this time.

Dryer duct cleaning | 30-90 minutes
  • Protection of your home with drop cloths,
    furniture covers, and shoe covers.
  • Move dryer away from wall for access.
  • Deep duct inspection with snake camera (if
  • Remove dust and debris from the main and
    flexible ducts with a special vacuum unit and
  • Before/after pictures.
  • Clean up.

Get the confidence of knowing your home is comfortable, efficient, and safe for your family.

What can I do after cleaning to protect my home?

The best thing you can do to protect your air ducts and the complex HVAC systems is to use high quality filters and replace them regularly. A good filter traps the smallest particles (indicated by its MERV rating) while not over-restricting air flow. We’ve partnered with Elite Filters to provide you with easy access to amazing filters. You can even set up recurring shipments so you never forget!

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Customer Reviews

what OUR community is saying about US

Green google 5-star Icon

I was glad that Sunrise Mechanical came to the rescue to fix our AC unit. Not only was a tune-up given but Jose (Sunrise employee) was also able to clearly explain what exactly went wrong with it. Thank you Jose.

Carlos Alvarado
Green google 5-star Icon

Whole experience could not be better.From martin in service ,cody in sales, jose & javier installation, they know their job and do it very well with customer needs and satisfaction their priority! This is a quality company and would highly recommend!!

Paul Chimino
Green google 5-star Icon

Glad I made the decision to call Sunrise AC. Cody responded very quickly. His quote was very fair. The installers did a great job installing the new units. We are very happy with the work. We highly recommend this company. Ask for Cody, he will lead you in the right direction.

JoAnn C
Green google 5-star Icon

We could not be more pleased with Mike H. who did our fall furnace maintenance and Kevin who did our first plumbing maintenance. I would like these same employees for my next maintenance service. Very professional, great attitudes, helpful with questions and pleasant to work with.

Ron Stueve
Green google 5-star Icon

Jose has been doing semi annual maintenance and any necessary repairs on my units for years. He is dedicated, very experienced, and conscientious. Hat is also off to Mike, his manager. I have been using Sunrise for more than 15 years. Strongly recommended.

R Sullivan

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