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We provide HVAC contracting for residential new home construction at Sunrise Mechanical.

The Sunrise Discount Club

At Sunrise Service, Inc., we get that out-of-the-blue HVAC and Plumbing issues are a real headache. So, we’re excited to bring you our special “Discount Club” – your way to save big and have a proactive defense against major issues in your HVAC and Plumbing setups.

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Discount HVAC Club

  • Discounts On Parts For Repair

  • Seasonal Maintenance

  • Increased Equipment Life

  • Lower Utilities

  • Emergency Service

  • Priority Service

  • Provided Documentation

  • Inflation Protection

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Discount Plumbing Club

  • Special Service Pricing

  • Water Heater Inspection

  • Water quality test

  • Water quality test

  • Water Pressure test

  • Check all shut off valves and supply lines

  • Water leak test

  • Check Toilets

  • Water Treatment

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