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We provide HVAC contracting for residential new home construction at Sunrise Mechanical.

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Heat Pump Installation

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As the seasons change and temperatures drop, homeowners recognize the importance of a dependable heating system. At Sunrise Mechanical, we understand this necessity and offer comprehensive heat pump installation services. 

Our expertise extends to repair, replacement, and maintenance, ensuring your system operates efficiently and effectively. With our professional assistance, you’ll enjoy a warm home and the numerous benefits of a well-maintained heating system. Let us at Sunrise Mechanical be your go-to for all heat pump needs, guaranteeing your comfort throughout the colder months.

Heat Pump Installation Services

We pride ourselves on our top-tier HVAC services, particularly in installing heat pumps. According to the Department of Energy, an astounding 70–90% of HVAC systems are not installed correctly, which can lead to inefficiencies and operational issues. This is why we emphasize the importance of professional installation, ensuring that your heat pump is the right size and correctly wired and set up.

Professional Installation

When you choose our local HVAC team for your heat pump installation, you’re opting for a service that goes beyond mere technical expertise. We believe in full transparency and customer comfort. Before our team arrives, you’ll know which technicians will be assisting you, enhancing the trust and safety of our service. Upon arrival, we will thoroughly discuss the job details with you, including equipment specifics and any special instructions you’ve provided.

Our team meticulously prepares for the installation, laying down floor protection and positioning all necessary tools and equipment. We adhere strictly to EPA standards, particularly when disconnecting your old heat pump. We safely and legally remove the refrigerant, ensuring no harmful emissions. A key aspect of our installation process is preparing the area.

Heat Pump Repair

Post-installation, our HVAC services extend to include comprehensive repair solutions. Heat pumps, like any other mechanical system, may experience wear and tear over time. Our skilled technicians are adept at identifying and repairing worn-out parts, ensuring your heat pump continues to function efficiently and reliably.

Heat Pump Replacement

There are instances when repairs might not suffice, especially if parts are extensively worn out. In such cases, we recommend and facilitate the replacement of these components. Our replacement services are designed to restore the functionality of your heat pump, ensuring it operates as effectively as a newly installed system.

Routine Maintenance

It is important to schedule regular heat pump maintenance to avoid costly repairs. Through planned preventative maintenance, we ensure your heat pump operates correctly and efficiently. Regular maintenance helps in reducing your energy bills and CO2 emissions and keeping your home comfortably warm. Regular maintenance is crucial in prolonging the life of your heat pump and ensuring peak performance.

What Is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is an innovative device in our HVAC services repertoire, designed to transfer heat from cooler to warmer spaces using a refrigeration cycle. This ingenious system efficiently cools and warms different areas, making it a versatile and essential component in our local HVAC solutions.

How Do Heat Pumps Operate?

Heat pumps operate uniquely. In heating mode, they function like an air conditioner in reverse, using refrigerant to warm your home. This warmth is sourced either from the air outside or the ground and is then circulated over the heat exchange surface of the exterior part of the pump, a key feature in our local HVAC offerings.

Benefits of Heat Pumps

Among the many benefits offered by heat pumps in our HVAC services, the top five include:

  1. Energy efficiency, reducing reliance on fossil fuels
  2. Quiet operation
  3. The convenience of a single system for both heating and cooling
  4. Minimal maintenance requirements
  5. Significant improvements in air quality

These features make them a popular choice in our local HVAC solutions.

When to Repair

In our HVAC services, we recommend heat pump repair when you notice the following: 

  1. Weak or no airflow from the indoor unit
  2. Reduced comfort in your home
  3. Strange noises or smells
  4. Unexplainable rise in energy costs
  5. Frequent cycling on and off

When to Replace

In our local HVAC expertise, we advise replacing your heat pump when: 

  1. It shows signs of aging (typically after about 15 years)
  2. Experiences frequent breakdowns
  3. Shows decreased energy efficiency
  4. Provides insufficient heating and cooling
  5. Makes strange noises

These indicators suggest it’s time to upgrade your system with our reliable HVAC services.

Schedule Your Heat Pump Installation With Sunrise Mechanical Today! 

Don’t let another day pass with an inefficient heating system. Choose Sunrise Mechanical for your heat pump installation needs. Our expert team ensures a seamless, professional installation, enhancing your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. 

Contact us now to schedule your installation and experience the Elite difference in home heating solutions!

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  • Green google 5-star Icon

    I was glad that Sunrise Mechanical came to the rescue to fix our AC unit. Not only was a tune-up given but Jose (Sunrise employee) was also able to clearly explain what exactly went wrong with it. Thank you Jose.

    Carlos Alvarado
  • Green google 5-star Icon

    Whole experience could not be better.From martin in service ,cody in sales, jose & javier installation, they know their job and do it very well with customer needs and satisfaction their priority! This is a quality company and would highly recommend!!

    Paul Chimino
  • Green google 5-star Icon

    Glad I made the decision to call Sunrise AC. Cody responded very quickly. His quote was very fair. The installers did a great job installing the new units. We are very happy with the work. We highly recommend this company. Ask for Cody, he will lead you in the right direction.

    JoAnn C
  • Green google 5-star Icon

    We could not be more pleased with Mike H. who did our fall furnace maintenance and Kevin who did our first plumbing maintenance. I would like these same employees for my next maintenance service. Very professional, great attitudes, helpful with questions and pleasant to work with.

    Ron Stueve
  • Green google 5-star Icon

    Jose has been doing semi annual maintenance and any necessary repairs on my units for years. He is dedicated, very experienced, and conscientious. Hat is also off to Mike, his manager. I have been using Sunrise for more than 15 years. Strongly recommended.

    R Sullivan

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